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Spending time researching your company, we will develop a concise understanding of your goals and values. With this research we will be able to develop effective strategies and a strong mandate for your company. Our team embraces agility, and are always ready to take on new and challenging projects. 

Our clients demonstrate our diverse skills and adaptable scope.

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VR Platform

San Francisco

Grants and funding from the Government of Canada

CDAP Funding

Spring 2022 (ongoing)

Starter Company Plus Grant

Spring 2022

SME Funding for innovation and growth

Winter 2021

Student Work Placement Program

Summer 2020
Fall 2020

Service Boost

Winter 2020
Spring 2021

Bootcamps & Incubators

Business Incubator

ELLA Ascend
- Spring 2022 (ongoing)

Business Incubator

Cohort 3
- Winter 2021

bootcamp Program

ELLA Express
- Fall 2021

Bootcamp Program

Rock my Business
- Spring 2021

Business Network

Fifth Wave Connect - 2020 to 2022

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