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3 Books - french versions

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Launched in 2013, the Art Canada Institute is the only national institution whose mandate is to promote the study of an inclusive multi-vocal Canadian art history to as broad an audience as possible, in both English and French, within Canada and internationally. The ACI works with more than fifty of Canada’s leading art historians, curators, and visual culture experts who are dedicated to the creation of authoritative original content on the people, themes, and topics that have defined Canadian art history.

We worked directly with the ACI in 2019, our responsibility was to edit the French website of three anthologies focusing on the artists Gershon Iskowitz, Olivoo Tunnillie, and Ozias Leduc.

Our role was to translate and edit the online books for each artist, we focused on precise documentation and relation of the prose to convey the artists’ prolific histories.




3 Books - French Versions