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Digital adoption is critical to the future of Canada’s art world. The art industry is especially globally connected and with digital and immersive technologies evolving as primary forms of communication, it is prescient to adopt new strategies and practices.

The Canadian Federal Government announced the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) as part of the 2021 budget to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in digitally transforming their businesses. It is an innovative program that will accelerate digital adoption across the country. SMEs can receive up to CAD $15,000 to develop a digital plan that can help them in their digital transformation and achieve their business goals in 2022.

Art Collision has been approved as official consultants for Digital Adoption plans. 

Let us guide you to successfully receive financial grant support for your digital growth.

What is digital Adoption?

Digital adoption is the process of evolving your business practices to suit the needs of the world today. Art galleries, art collections, artists and institutions around the world use digital methods to successfully connect with clients and improve operations efficiency.

For Digital Art Lovers

Integrating e-commerce, updating an interactive and responsive website, integrating smart inventory management, and utilising new immersive technologies are a few ways to stay attuned to the needs of your clients. Our world is more connected than ever, and to reach a global audience, your business needs to have a strong and agile digital presence. 

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Ready to take a digital turn?

Art Collision can help you plan your digital transformation

As one of Toronto’s leading digital companies for the art world, Art Collision will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through the process – from applying for CDAP, receiving the grant, making recommendations, to fully implementing the right digital plan for your business.

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Phase 1 : Choose the right grant

We can help select the right CDAP stream for your business. We help you by understanding your business first. We understand that each business is unique, and therefore, face equally unique challenges. Through a deeper understanding of your business, we would be able to recommend solutions that tackle the challenges you face.

Let us be your guide in navigating the way through applying, processing, and ultimately, receiving the grant for your business.

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Phase 2 : Gap Analysis & Digital Adoption Planning

We will assist in preparing and submitting the applications. All of our efforts will result in a customized Digital Adoption Plan made just for your business. The Digital Adoption Plan (DAP) will be your reference in transforming and digitizing your business.

We will prepare a Digital Audit that will showcase all your current business efforts and gaps.

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Phase 3 : Digital Adoption - Execution and Delivery

Once approved, we will work with you to execute the project that you get approved for. Our specialized teams will work together to design solutions to complete your digital transformation.

Our solutions developers will work with you to get you comfortable with using the solutions that we craft for you.

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Typically we start working on your DAP the day after we received our Service Agreement signed. You should typically see the first draft of your DAP ready within two weeks. If you need your DAP faster, please email us and let us know. We will do everything we can to accelerate your digital transformation! Visit the CDAP Program for full details.

Yes, we are approved by federal government to be a digital advisor for this program.

Yes, we have a strong team of digital consultants and advisors with a background in art history and many years working in the art market who have the skills and experience to deliver digital technologies for you.

Art Collision is an approved digital art advisor who are among the very few service providers helping you end to end with all aspects of CDAP such as –

  • Identifying the right CDAP stream
  • Working with you to submit the CDAP application
  • Providing the CDAP digital adoption plan and
  • Executing the digital adoption plan

This depends upon the stream you apply for and Art Collision will guide you through the instructions from start to end. Visit the CDAP Program for full details.

CDAP has 2 streams and each stream has its own application requirements. Stream 1 is for small businesses that want to access microgrants for e-commerce development. Stream 2 is more comprehensive and recognizes the need to create a digital adoption plan in order to digitize your business. Refer to the government website for more details. Visit the CDAP Program for full details.

A small organization that has immediate needs for smaller project cost reimbursements such as e-commerce development. Eligible for micro-grants of up to $2,400.

Medium to large businesses that plan to implement long-term digital solutions to their organization. Eligible for grants up to $15,000 for digital planning and loans up to $100K to execute the plan.

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