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Quand l'intelligence artificielle rencontre l'art

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Candice Houtekier ouvre la voie aux artistes canadiens du métaverse

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Hurtling Towards a Metaverse Future

the globe and mail

Women in the metaverse want to make Web3 more diverse and safer for all

Mobile Syrup Canadian public media
Mobile Syrup

Candice Houtekier is paving the way for Canadian artists in the metaverse

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META Women Beyond:

Metaverse Culture Series
Ft: Candice Houtekier

Women Building the Future with META metaverse
META Women Beyond: Building For the Future

Panel Discussion
Ft: Candice Houtekier

Miriam Arbus, META, art and culture in the metaverse
META Canada Building the Metaverse

Metaverse Culture Series
Ft: Miriam Arbus

Simulation Nation podcast and talk show
Simulation Nation

Interview with Candice Houtekier Art Collision Founder

Lunch Hour VR with Max Noir
Lunch Hour VR with Max Noir

Virtual Art Galleries with Art Gate VR's Candice Houtekier

CBC Radio Canada Candice Houtekier
CBC Radio Canada

L'art crypto dans la loupe de Candice Houtekier

Girl Talk HQ

Meet 3 Women Pushing the Boundaries of Immersive Storytelling Through VR Film

StartUp Here Toronto
StartUp Here Toronto

Shaking Up Toronto With Metaverse Tech

ED Times Press Blog
ED Times

How Women Are Transforming The Metaverse

Canadian Film Centre Fifth Wave Connect
Canadian Film Centre Media lAB

Fifth Wave Connect
Ft: Candice Houtekier

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LiisBeth: State of the Art

Making Room and Income for Women in Art

Canadian Broadcasting Company CBC

Transforming The Future
Ft: Candice Houtekier

Panopticon media

Art Markets in Virtual Reality
Interview with Candice Houtekier

Ohdio Radio Canada Candice Houtekier Women Metaverse NFTS
Radio Canada Ohdio

Exposition des NFT à Floating Point Gallery à Toronto

The VR Soldier Candice Houtekier Women in the Metaverse
The VR Soldier

Women in the Metaverse
Ft: Candice Houtekier

CFC media lab
Canadian Film Centre Media LAB

Ft: Art Collision