Exhibitions in Virtual Reality

Looking for a Tech Partner to Exhibit in VR?

We Team Up with Metaverses

We specialize in Presenting your exhibition in virtual reality

Our team are passionate Metaverse professionals for many years. We have been exploring and testing platforms, integrating into various Metaverse communities, and pushing boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to hosting live events, presenting exhibitions, and facilitating community.

We present a new way for galleries, dealers, and collectors to discover, buy, and sell art internationally; through a VR headset or simply with their laptops (PC/Mac).

Regardless of location, art galleries and dealers can share inventory with buyers around the world, and meet up together in the metaverse.

Enter the metaverse and explore new immersive realities full of potential, new relationships and discoveries.

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Metaverse & VR Gallery

Price on request

Art Collision can tailor each exhibition to your specific desires. We provide expert advice and support for choosing the right metaverse, and we create a plan to create a VR exhibtion, in pre-made or custom art gallery spaces. We work with Spatial.io, Art Gate VR, Horizon (META), Cryptovoxels and Decentraland.

Our Custom 3D Design services give you the freedom to shape your VR space in any way you want:
- Virtual photorealistic replica of an existing space;
- Modification of a pre-designed gallery space on any metaverse
- Curatorial organization and set-up of your wall artworks and 3D sculptures;
- Guided tour scripts of your VR exhibitions.

Curation services are necessary for those who find it difficult to navigate the waters of virtual reality, but want their VR space to promote a more professional look: museums, corporations, art Institutions; art & NFT Collectors; Educational Organizations

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Art Installation & Curation

Price on request

We offer curatorial services that gives your VR gallery a professional look:
- Advice on the asuitable metaverse to exhbiit your collection;
- Advice on how your artworks should be exhbited in your VR gallery;
- Curatorial organization and set-up of your wall artworks and 3D sculptures;
- Guided tour scripts of your VR exhibitions. Our team of experts reviews your collection and organizes it in your VR space as curated exhibitions, according to your needs.

You only have to:
- Submit the digital content that you want to be exhibited in your VR space;
- Send a brief of the purpose of your VR space in relation to your institution or company
- Explain how you want your vision to be reflected throughout your VR exhibitions or stories.

You submit your (documentation of) artworks to us, and we take care of everything else. Art Collision can create a custom exhibition of your collection or gallery’s artwork, curating the layout and setting up any information/didactics. Exhibitions can be updated and changed any time.

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Embed experience on website

Price on Request

Shaping the future art ecosystems: a technologically sophisticated, experimental and highly interoperable ecosystem of organisations and capabilities; In collaboration with the art organizations, decide on a marketing and communication plan, Visit galleries anytime, Visit galleries from everywhere.

We can set up your Private Web Space to ensure that you have control over who can enter your VR space. You only have to:
◦ Add your logo
◦ Choose your domain name
◦ Decide who will have access to your VR space
◦ Design the set-up of your images & 3D objects

For website that mean business! Includes a custom designed 15 page website & unlimited integrations.

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What's Included in our VR Exhibitions Package

We’ve provided as much information as possible on the bottom of this page for you to be able to make an informed decision about your purchase. 

Included Services

We custom design and develop your website from the ground up to seamlessly match your brand. It’s very important that you already have a brand/logo developed. If you do not have a brand yet, please inquire for branding services.

We can accomodate artworks in any size, format or medium

Exhibiting In VR Means A Life-Sized (Room-Scaled) Experience Of Your Art Collection.

We create mock prototypes before starting development, so that you can really test drive your website and how it flows. No more emails with attached designs or bulky PDFs, you will really experience it as if it’s already live.

After a detailed questionnaire and getting to know you and your business, we will offer you 1 design option, with 2 revision sessions. If for any reason you are completely unhappy with the design, we’ll work with you until you’re satisfied.

If you get us all your content within the timeframe provided, we will gladly enter all your data for you! We also have a copywriter and translator on standby if you need help getting that done (extra charges apply).

We’ll hold your hand through the launch and help answer any questions you may have about your new web property. We build the sites so that you can manage them yourself, but if you need us to continue managing them, you can always purchase support blocks of time!

Needed Assets

In order for us to process your website quickly, we will need the following assets from you as soon as possible. You will also receive an email from us with these instructions, but we also include them here to give you an idea about our expectations.

Let us know what pages you want for your website. For this standard WordPress website package, people usually choose (Home, About Us, Services, Contact and one extra page that you can customize to your specific business).

  • Submit pictures, floorplans, section or elevation drawings of an existing space or…
  • Send a simple sketch or design an outline on ArtSteps of an imagined space and
  • Provide details of the textures, reference images and other elements that you want incorporated into your VR space

Submit the digital content that you want to be exhibited in your VR space; along with all artwork information (medium, size)

Send a brief of the purpose of your VR space in relation to your institution or company

We encourage our clients to setup their DNS on GoDaddy for easy DNS management, caching, and data loss prevention. This way, you will keep your domain name safe, and we can customize the settings for the website and take it live. Before we go live, we would request you to change your nameservers in your domain providers screen. We can also guide you through this if you have no idea what we are talking about here.

What we need

4-6 Weeks

Delivery Time

Typically we start working on your project the day after all your assets and website questionnaire are returned to us. For custom designed websites, you should typically see the first draft of your website ready within two weeks

If you need your site faster, please email us and let us know. We will do everything we can to expedite your website!


Extra Options

If you need any extra options, we are flexible

We’ve provided as much information as possible on the bottom of this page for you to be able to make an informed decision about your purchase. 

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Live Support Events

Price on request

We help you to attract international visitors to your collection/exhibition.

Host virtual fairs and every other type of event in VR 3D spaces. Our 3D Virtual Events connect you with business leads all around the world from the comfort of your office ◦ Interconnected 3D virtual halls ◦ Content Management System for the organiser and each exhibitor ◦ Branded and Curated booths ◦ Various options for 3D booth templates ◦ Avatars for real-time chat with visitors ◦ Forms for direct sales to clients ◦ Visitor metrics

We set up your 3D Virtual Event with a layout built on your preferences or its physical manifestation. You only have to: ◦ Send the floorplan of your event ◦ Submit details on the number of participants ◦ Determine the type of booth for each exhibitor ◦ Define the content of the exhibitors’ booths ◦ Establish the metrics you desire to receive, based on the number of visits

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Marketing Content

Price on request

Tech-oriented collectors deserve access to a marketplace in the VR ecosystem where they can discover new galleries, meet art dealers and enrich their collections. Art Collision also provides support organizing promotion, events, receptions and tours. - Encouraging the art world and its public to interact through new forms of collectivity and partake in new modes of making, sharing, learning and even selling;

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Price on request


Benefit to Canada:

- Making virtual reality at the center of cultural institutional digital strategy and environmental innovations in Canada;

- Proving that advanced virtual environments are keys for social and cultural experiences that structure and facilitate projects with 0 greenhouse gez emossions, collective endeavours and trade, in Canada and internationally.

- By using metaverses, we will support art organization and advanced technologies as a whole;