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Experts on the topic, Art Collision helps artists, art galleries and art institutions understand the concept of virtual galleries and metaverse, anticipate their positioning, build a strategy and make informed choices.

Our team of art professionals are passionate about the metaverse. We have been exploring and testing platforms, integrating into various Metaverse communities, and pushing boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to hosting live events in VR, presenting exhibitions in new realities, and facilitating community building.

Metaverse Strategy

Consultation services are necessary for those who find it difficult to navigate the waters of virtual reality & the metaverse. We work with museums, art corporations and educational institutions.

Our team of experts will review your collection and provide advice and support for choosing the right metaverse, depending on the type of art you want to exhibit (i.e., paintings, sculptures, NFTs).

- Advice on a suitable metaverse to exhbit your collection
- Advice on how your artworks should be exhibited in your VR gallery
- Co-build your metaverse strategy for short & long term
- We work with your team to organize focus groups and coaching sessions
- We deliver art market insights

Installation & Curation

Art Collision can create a custom exhibition of your collection or gallery’s artwork, curating the layout and setting up any information/didactics. Additionally, we have a catalogue of pre-made gallery spaces available to our clients.

Once we have a plan to create a VR exhibition, in pre-made or custom gallery space, we offer installation services that will give your VR gallery a professional look:

- Gallery concept (pre-made or custom): brainstorming
- Curatorial organization and set-up of your wall artworks and 3D sculptures
- Guided tour scripts of your VR exhibitions
- Organization of your VR space as curated exhibitions, according to your needs

web design packages

On your personal website

Viewable in a browser, all you need to do is supply a link for your clients. Have them enter your exhibitions with a single click, and they will be walking around the exhibition or presentation you have prepared for them.

Your virtual exhibition can be added directly to your gallery website through universally applicable iframe technology, so you can offer your virtual program as a key part of your proprietary online identity:

- Choose your domain name
- Decide who will have access to your VR gallery
- No need for collectors to access your experience through cumberstone third party apps

WebVR, web3 & virtual reality worlds

Our metaverses Partners

From a strategic to an operational level, Art Collision delivers expertise, knowledge and experiences to guide you towards the metaverse.

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What's Included in our VR Exhibitions Package

Below, we’ve provided as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision about your purchase. 

Included Services

Art Collision can tailor each exhibition to your specific desires. Art Collision also provides support organizing promotion, events, receptions and tours. 

We can accomodate artworks in any size, format or medium. 

Exhibiting in VR means a life-sized (room-scaled) experience of your art collection.

We create mock prototypes before starting development, so that you can really test your VR exhibition and how it flows. 

After getting to know you and your art business, we will offer you 1 design option, with 2 revision sessions. If for any reason you are completely unhappy with the design, we’ll work with you until you’re satisfied.

If you get us all your content within the timeframe provided, we will gladly enter all the information of your artworks for you! We also have a copywriter and translator (FR/EN) on standby if you need help getting that done (extra charges apply).

We’ll hold your hand through the launch of the exhibit and help answer any questions you may have about the metaverse.

Needed Assets

In order for us to process your virtual exhibition quickly, we will need the following assets from you as soon as possible. 

  • Option 1: Choose from our catalogue ofpre-made gallery spaces or…
  • Option 2: Submit pictures, floorplans, section or elevation drawings of an existing space or a simple sketch or design of an imagined space
  • Provide details of the textures, reference images and other elements that you want incorporated into your VR space

Submit the digital content that you want to be exhibited in your VR space; along with all artwork information (title, medium, size, etc.)

Send a brief of the purpose of your VR gallery in relation to your institution, company or artist’s profile.

We encourage our clients to share their login info early on for easy DNS management, caching, and data loss prevention. This way, we will keep your VR exhibition safe, and we can customize the settings for the website and take it live.  We can also guide you through this if you have no idea what we are talking about here.

4 Weeks

Delivery Time

Typically we start working on your project the day after all your assets and website login info are returned to us. For custom designed gallery spaces, you should typically see the first draft of your space ready within two weeks

– Step 1: develop a metaverse strategy
– Step 2: installation of the exhibition in the VR gallery
– Step 3: we make your exhibition accessible on your website

If you need your exhibition faster, please email us and let us know. We will do everything we can to expedite your website!

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The Sky's The Limit

Template Spaces & Custom Gallery

Use our beautiful custom galleries, selecting from numerous design permutations according to your aesthetic, or the suitability for your show. We offer a library of exhibition rooms with a wide range of architectural spaces — suitable for every kind of art. 


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