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Art Collision is a digital marketing agency, specializing in strategy, content, design, and development. We partner with art galleries, art collectors, and art institutions to help them to grow through smart online presence.

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We transform the art world

We use Virtual Reality

We offer a unique opportunity, underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic: transforming the art industry with virtual reality.

In March 2020, we partnered with Art Gate VR to offer our clients exhibitions taking place in a virtual reality (VR) art market. Presenting a new way for galleries, dealers, and collectors to discover, buy, and sell art: through a VR headset.

Regardless of location, art galleries and dealers can share inventory with buyers around the world. Art dealers and collectors have been meeting in Art Gate and facilitating art deals and connecting people from around the world.

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Web Design​

Need a new website?
Or to improve an existing one?
We will help you to have an intuitive and responsive website on computer, tablet and smart phone.

E-commerce Channels

Artsy, Artnet, Artspace, 1stDibs.
Which one did you choose?
We will help you to manage your inventory, your sales and your online exhibitions. All you need to have the best online presence.

virtual reality art collision

Virtual Reality Exhibitions

We have partnered with Art Gate VR to offer to our clients virtual reality exhibitions. Explore the future possibilities of the Art Market, and give a new dimension to your gallery space.

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We aim to offer exceptional customer service to all our clients, and always work to exceed expectations. 

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