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Art Collision is a group of passionate art professionals that brings together the art world and digital tools for the next generation of art collectors. The agency is based in Toronto, offering marketing, website management, and creative services to a wide range of clients in the art and culture.

We offer innovative digital solutions like VR exhibitions, viewing rooms, and e-commerce websites that bring the art to the collector in a way that hasn’t been done before. 

We work in Canada and internationally.
Our services are available in English and in French.

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Art Collision Marketing Agency Art Businesses

Web Management

We provide web services for various website platforms including WordPress (Elementor), Shopify and Wix and Squarespace.

- Web Design
- Web Development
- Web Management
- SEO optimization
- Hosting solutions
- Online Viewing Room

Art Collision Marketing Agency Art Businesses

E-commerce Management

We provide marketing services for various platforms including Artsy, Artnet, Artspace, ArtTerms, 1stDibs, Arteïa and Artwork Archive.

- Inventory Management (CMS)
- Manage online art fair booths
- Manage online exhibitions
- Technical and strategic support
- Update data-entries

Virtual Reality Exhibitions

We work with various platforms including Art Gate VR, Kunstmatrix and Cryptovoxel. Working together on your exhibitions, we will enable you to grow and extend your digital presence in the ways you hope and reach the audiences you want.

- Inventory Management (CMS)
- VR layout
- Technical and strategic support
- Manage live art events in VR
- Produce marketing materials

Art Collision Marketing Agency Art Businesses

We transform the art world

We use Virtual Reality

We offer a unique opportunity, underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic: transforming the art industry with virtual reality.

In March 2020, we partnered with Art Gate VR to offer our clients exhibitions taking place in a virtual reality (VR) art market. Presenting a new way for galleries, dealers, and collectors to discover, buy, and sell art: through a VR headset.

Regardless of location, art galleries and dealers can share inventory with buyers around the world. Art dealers and collectors have been meeting in Art Gate and facilitating art deals and connecting people from around the world.

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Art Collision Marketing Agency Art Businesses

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