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Art Collision Has Paired With Art Gate, The Leading Marketplace in VR

The artworld has taken a virtual turn.

Accelerated by the Covid 19 pandemic, galleries, collectors and institutions have been evolving into the virtual in the form of 3D digital experiences, and online viewing rooms. These digital extensions of physical spaces/collections enable new ways of showing art and connecting.

Exhibiting in VR means a life-sized (room-scaled) experience of your art collection.

Physical artworks can be simply scanned or documented with a camera, and this documentation is uploaded to create life-sized editions in your very own virtual gallery space. Art Gate can accomodate artworks in any size, format or medium.

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We specialize in installing your exhibition in virtual reality. Let us guide you through the process.

You submit your (documentation of) artworks to us, and we take care of everything else. Art Collision can create a custom exhibition of your collection or gallery’s artwork, curating the layout and setting up any information/didactics. Exhibitions can be updated and changed any time.

Art Collision can tailor each exhibition to your specific desires. Art Collision also provides support organizing promotion, events, receptions and tours. We take care of the details while you are able to visit your art collection and clients, from the comfort of your own home.

Let collectors visit your VR gallery from anywhere in the world

Join the Art Gate VR community

Our community is filled with passionate art lovers from many different places all around the world. We welcome many gallerists and collectors alongside art curators, directors and artists.

Enable anyone to visit your exhibitions

The established network of Art Gate VR features regular event programming which attracts a community of visitors who are eager to learn about new artists.

We believe at Art Collision that every art space needs a community and we love that Art Gate is constantly growing and expanding amongst international art lovers.

Attract international visitors to collection/ exhibition

Tech-oriented collectors deserve access to a marketplace in the VR ecosystem where they can discover new galleries, meet art dealers and enrich their collections.

Visit your collection/show your collection with ease.

What's an art gallery in Art Gate

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Accessible from any physical location with the ease of an Oculus VR headset, since 2018, Art Gate VR features pioneering galleries, private collections, and museum collections, all in one place connected by virtual reality. Art dealers can register their artworks, curate exhibitions and host live events. Join the Art Gate VR community by creating your own VR gallery, showing off your collection and connecting with important clients.

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