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Divide By Zero™️ is a Hong Kong-based art collection focused on emerging contemporary art produced from the 1980s onwards and owned by Jacobo Garcia. Through meticulous research and curation, the collection aims to support selected artists and acts as a unique platform for the presentation and preservation of their creativity.

Art Collision designed the website with their target client in mind. We wanted it to be simple, modern and straight to the point, without omitting details or relevant information which are needed when sharing a private collections.

We started by creating a strategy for exhibiting the collection and created a custom collection search system. Jacobo’s requirements included a site that is simple enough for him to manage on his own, and to add and edit artists, events, and news on the go. He also wanted something extremely minimal, with white as a predominant colour – so that the emphasis would always be on the arts displayed.

Additionally, we integrated two custom webVR exhibitions made in 3D Vista, a multimedia software package that allows you to create interactive 360º virtual tours that you can embed on a website.

Website Management

Virtual Reality Exhibitions

Divide by Zero, private art collection from Hong Kong in Art Gate VR

Exhibition #1 – “Shaped by, thirty years within four walls”, April 2020
Exhibition #2 – “Let’s talk about Millennials”, September 2020
Exhibition #3 – “#postinternet”, October 2021