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Art Gate VR is a metaverse that rents gallery spaces in Virtual Reality and hosts international arts events (art fairs, biennale, etc.). It is hosted in a digital exhibition software that can be accessed via Oculus, Mac, or PC. Any international visitor can visit ArtGate VR from the comfort of their home at any time.

The interest of the Art Gate VR software lies in its role as a social platform. It is possible to meet other individuals and exchange conversation in real-time. This innovative project has already proven its success by integrating the collections of around 50 art galleries and collectors from around the world.

They came to us to help them with their website, social media, email marketing, and communication strategies. Additionally, we helped them to announce and advertise significant events (art fairs, biennale) and PR, and managed their social media during the events.

They gave us directions regarding their branding guidelines and we co-built their website. We managed their web page and constantly brought improvement. Art Collision implemented plugins to help Art Gate VR manage events happening in the metaverse, and configured it to be synchronized with their email newsletters.   

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