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Fischtein Fine Art is a private art dealer and online gallery with an exhibition space located in Toronto, Canada. FFA was established in 2013 by founder and director Sharon Fischtein. Sharon has been advising and selling fine art since 1976 at her former gallery in Yorkville, Gallery One – in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Over the course of her extensive career, she has represented and encouraged hundreds of international artists as both an art dealer and gallery owner. Most notably, Sharon is recognized for her continued dedication to abstract expressionism’s colour field movement. Through Fischtein Fine Art she offers her 40+ years of experience and expertise to art collectors both new and established.

Sharon came to us in 2021 because she wanted to update her Squarespace website. Additionally, she needed help managing her art inventory. As a passionate art collector and art dealer, she wanted to create a space where she can curate online exhibitions and represent the best of American and Canadian abstractionism. 

Sharon’s requirements included managing her Squarespace website, her social media but also her email newsletters. We also helped her to improve her overall digital presence by doing SEO. We also created one exhibition in virtual reality.

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Matthew hawtin : torqued

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robert mapplethorpe the legacy of provocation

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