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Caviar20, an online gallery founded in 2009 by Troy Seidman became a long-term client with Art Collision between 2019 and 2021. While the founder has a particular interest in sculpture and abstraction of the ’60s and ’70s, he has also handled turn-of-the-millennium blue-chip artists, emphasizing works created between 1965-2005.

Caviar20 had been in the art space for 10+ years before Art Collision stepped in to help out with its digital presence. We were tasked with ensuring that the Caviar20 website reflects their progressive identity while also doubling up as an e-commerce front to generate online art sales. We also trained their internal team to be able to use, update and grow the website as per their own evolving goals.

Website Development

Over and above the extensive work we did to make the Caviar20 website more serviceable for the gallery, we set up the user experience for their e-commerce platform. We reorganized their collections and inventory, built their mega menu and some custom pages. With the help of a Shopify developer, we helped bring attention to the small details that truly matter for digital buyers – such as the ‘sold’ tag for artwork 😉

Caviar20 accepts payments from VISA, Mastercard etc. like most commerce websites, but they also accept payment via cryptocurrency. We think that this is a forward-thinking consideration to allow art buyers can choose to pay with Bitcoin and Etherum when choosing from the Caviar20 collection. This was possible thanks to a partnership between Shopify and Coinbase. This decision celebrates the union between the traditional and the digital art market, and more galleries are catching up like this as we speak. 

Virtual Reality Exhibitions

One thing to know about ArtCollision is that we’re mighty passionate about immersed art experiences. We worked on three shows for Caviar20 shown in ArtGateVR (2019, 2020, 2021) and also built a digital booth (Artland, 2021). For this bit, we think these images do the talking!

Charles Pachter: Collected Works (2019)

New Erotic (2020)

Frank Stella (2021)

Art Toronto (2021)

Marketplaces & E-commerce

Given our experience with a wide variety of digital marketplaces for art sales,
we initiated Caviar20 in that landscape by getting their inventories listed on Artsy, Artnet, 1stDibs and Artspace.
We highly recommend that you check these out!

Social media