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Artemis Herber is a visual artist working in both sculpture and painting. Her Greek heritage brought her to develop concepts related to the shared structures in which humans live in in relation to Earth and ‘Gaia Rise’ in the context of polit-myth.

As an award-wining artist, she engages in numerous curatorial and artistic projects on the international scene. Artemis came to us looking to improve her website and digital personae strategies. We optimized her social media platforms and her newsletters in order to maximized their results. 

Art Collision customized the artist’s website based on her requirements and preferences. We helped designed her web pages according to her visual identity and integrated the artist’s unique image for a distinctive branding. 

We also created a solo exhibition in virtual reality through our partner’s social platform Art Gate VR as a first step into the Metaverse for the artist. The exhibition was accessible through VR headsets and Mac/PC and allowed the visitors to exchange with each others simultaneously. 

Website Design & Development

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WebVR Exhibitions

Artemis Herber in, webVR exhibition
Floating Point Gallery in, webVR exhibition

Virtual Reality Exhibitions (VR)

Anthropocene, Solo Exhibition, 2021
The Mnemonyse-Initiated, Group Exhibition, 2022
Bill Adair, Albert Bonay, Dorah Artist, Anna Gillespie, Artemis Herbert, Perla Krauze, Andrea Philippopoulos-Mahalopoulos, Marc Robarge

Social Media

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