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We Are a team of Digital Content Managers

We are a group of passionate art professionals that brings together the art world & digital tools for the next generation of art collectors.

Candice Houtekier

Founder & Director

Candice Houtekier is a metaverse explorer since 2016. She is a virtual reality and crypto enthusiast. She immigrated from France to Canada to do an MA in Art History, and a minor in video game studies at the University of Montreal, Canada. Her thesis was about the landscape experience in video games. As a Futurist, she collaboratively explores and constructs new virtual realities to develop, transform, and enrich the international art market.

She founded Art Collision in 2019 to engage art practices with cutting-edge technology. She is at the forefront of emerging technologies. 

Candice Houtekier Team Art Collision

Miriam Arbus

Digital Strategist and Content Manager

Miriam Arbus is an independent arts curator and organiser, with developed skills in communications, community development and brand strategies. Attuned to developments in tech and art, Miriam excels on finding innovative strategies and unique solutions that can improve workflow, processes and community engagement. As a curator, Miriam collaborates on projects that examine our evolving relationships with(in) new digital and technological developments. Recent involvements include collaborating as the project manager of Radiance VR,  and curating for Vector Festival (Toronto 2020). Miriam organises the project space Sky Fine Foods, and serves on the executive board at Trinity Square Video. Miriam holds an MA in Contemporary and Modern Art Theory and History from the University of Toronto. Miriam is currently based in Toronto. 

Miriam Arbus Art Collision

Lydia O'Connor Messier

Social Media Specialist and Content Associate

Currently based in Montreal, Lydia is arts professional, social media and PR Specialist. She has been responsible for planning brand’s social media strategies, creating and publishing content to a variety of platforms, and generating engagement with community and audiences. With highly attentive attention to detail she consistently provides excellent customer service. Lydia is an experienced sales person with in-depth understanding of data and analytics. Her photographic, drawing and design skills are an asset for creating marketing content. She is always up to date with the latest trends.

After studying at Bologna University, considered the oldest occidental university, she completed an MA in art history at the University of Montreal with a thesis focused on contemporary and quattrocento landscape painting. Lydia has a range of experiences working in art galleries as a sales representative and as a curator.

Lydia O'Connor Messier Art Collision

Alexandre Potvin

Creative strategist and Content Associate

Alexandre Potvin is a creative strategist who has been working as a freelancer on multiple art-related projects in North America, Europe, and Asia. Aware of the latest trends and growth in the Arts and Luxury industries, he developed and curated artistic projects for buyers and private institutions on the international scene. With an in-depth understanding of different markets,  he is able to produce projects that are always delivered on time, on scope, and on budget.

He recently completed an intensive MM in International Arts Management given as a collaborative program between SMU in Dallas, HEC in Montréal, and SDA Bocconi in Milan. 

Alexandre Potvin Team Art Collision

Maria (Mia) Merecoulias

Content Editor & Creative Writer

Maria’s creative writing and editing solutions derive from her experience as an educator and graduate student. Balancing academic rigour with unique ways to clearly articulate a client’s value has imbued a sense of precision and finesse in her editing skills.

She is currently completing her PhD in language and literacy education at the University of Toronto.

Maria (Mia) Merecoulias Team Art Collision

Adiba Muzaffar

Video editor
Adiba Muzaffar is a digital content strategist, writer, filmmaker & storyteller. Video production & editing being her broadly applied skills, she is passionate about crafting original content & marketing campaigns that bring together relevant communities.
She is an alumna of Emily Carr University of Art + Design where she completed her MFA in 2018.
adiba muzaffar

Manon Clabaut

SEO Expert
French freelancer for more than 4 years, Manon is a digital nomad and SEO expert. She started as a web project manager and Google Ads account manager in a web agency in Montreal.

Over time, she discovered a real passion for semantic SEO. Analyzing the market and competitors, finding the best keywords to work with, suggesting new content to write and optimizing SEO are her main missions. She is also able to analyze and propose technical solutions to improve a website.
Ready to work on your web strategy?
manon clabaut seo expert team art collision

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Our values

Positive Workplace

It is the policy of Art Collision to maintain a work environment free from prohibited discrimination, harassment, sexual solicitation and threat of workplace violence and to insist that all employees and prospective employees be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy at all times.


The art world can be incredibly opaque and challenging to navigate, which is precisely why we like to offer our services publicly. Our services will fit with your budget. We aim to keep our pricing low and competitive within the art industry. Rest assured that we will never overcharge you.


We work on a broad range and scale projects with a variety of clients from the art world. Work is fueled by passion and deep engagement with content resulting in strategic and beautiful ways to tell stories and connect with audiences across various media. Established art dealers entrust us with their whole marketing strategies and we’ve never let them down.


In the Fine Art industry, it’s hard to find someone to truly rely on. Gallery Assistants flake out when the project gets too complicated. We ensure you we’ll always be there to hold your hand and answer you within 24 hours on any request or issue you have.