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all services are custom made and tailored to each clients individual needs


Art Collision is all about open and clear communication. We can fit into your preferences with more or less communication regarding our services. We are always open to our client’s feedback and input

Copyright & Intellectual Property

Art Collision Company will retain intellectual copyright of any material, including any source code and original images created for you until final payment is received. Once payment has been received in full, the intellectual copyright will be passed on to you.

Pre-Paid packages

Prepaid hourly retainer packages can be used for all services offered by Art Collision.

  • These packages are subject to change.
  • Time is tracked by half-hour and hour
  • We will offer you 1 design option, with 2 revision sessions.
  • Complicated code & development work may be charged extra.
  • Prepaid Packages expire 1 Year after purchase.
  • Amounts cannot be used to pay for hosting or domain registration.
  • Packages are non-refundable.

Please take time to read through thoroughly

Commencement of project

We require 50% of website project fees up front. Please note this is not a refundable deposit. Also note further charges may apply if you cancel the project before completion.

The remaining balance is due upon completion of the project.

Projected timelines are not official until Estimate is accepted and deposit received.

Excess Work

If the project is deemed by Art Collision to be greater than specified in its quote (1 design option, with 2 revision sessions), Art Collision Company may notify the Client outlining additional charges. 

New design requests can be accommodated at our hourly rates of $35 per hour 

Additional Expenses

Additional expenses may need to be added to Art Collision Company charges, including out-of-pocket expenses, courier services, shipping, postage and handling and travel costs, If these services are needed, they will be billed by Art Collision Company. Quotes for these items are estimates only.

All plugins, themes, fonts and templates required for project will be purchased and billed separately unless otherwise specified in quotation.

Stock photography will be purchased and billed separately.

Website Design Post-Completion Alterations

We offer a 14-day technical support after site launch. Support includes site maintenance instruction, content edits, and any functional bugs or glitches, and minor styling changes like color and font. Support excludes major feature requests, new transactional functionality (e.g. adding a shopping cart), layout changes, and significant branding and design (e.g. new logo, ebooks, marketing badges).

Tasks will be scheduled in 1-hour segments, and upon availability. After the 14-day period, past clients have the option to purchase support at our hourly rates.

Liability Regarding Materials Provided

Art Collision is not responsible for investigating copyright or trademark matters for the Client. The Client must ensure that all material used (for their print material and for their website) is legally usable.

Art Collision is not responsible for copying and pasting text. The Client must check all text before approving designs for printing or web publishing.

Art Collision’ liability to the Client for loss of any kind resulting from services provided shall be limited to Art Collision’ fee paid by client without interest. Art Collision will not be liable for damages of any kind including its own negligence, excluding gross negligence.

The Client will indemnify and hold harmless Art Collision against any and all claims and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, arising from the use of Art Collision’ work.


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