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Candice Houtekier

Candice Houtekier

Founder & Director

Candice Houtekier is a virtual reality enthusiast and a tech-savvy person. She immigrated from France to Canada to do an MA in art history, and a minor in video game studies. Her thesis was about the landscape experience in video games. After graduation, she worked two years in the Canadian and American art market as a Digital Strategist.

She decided to found Art Collision during summer 2019 to help art businesses improve their online presence. She collaborates on a broad range of projects with a variety of clients from the art world. Established members of the art world entrust her with their whole marketing strategies. In March 2020, She became the co-director of Art Gate VR. Art Gate is an art market for Post-War and Contemporary Art in virtual reality. Real artwork and real people from around the globe connect and collect art in the VR platform. 

Miriam Arbus

Digital Strategist and Content Manager

Miriam Arbus is an independent arts curator and organiser, who collaborates on projects that examine our evolving relationships with(in) new digital and technological developments. Recent involvements include collaborating as the project manager of Radiance VR, and as the VR and Interactive Media Programmer for the Toronto New Wave Festival 2019

As co-founder and co-director of Sleepover Club Initiative, she presented FORUM, a participatory residency as part of the Doing Feminisms Sharing The World Australia Arts Council project, and curated the exhibition What Has Feminism Ever Done For Me? (Neon Parlour, Melbourne, 2016). Miriam established the Brunswick Street Gallery’s new media series, Men per Ex Lati, and was a selected curator for the Knox City Immerse Arts Festival (Melbourne, 2016). She is the curator of Lossless Bodies (also accessible in VR via ArtGate VR). She holds an MA in Contemporary and Modern Art Theory and History from the University of Toronto, and is currently based in Toronto.

Miriam Arbus Art Collision

Alexandre Potvin

Digital Strategist and Content Associate
Alexandre Potvin is an independent art curator and producer whose work revolves around projects and events related to creative fields. While finishing his studies at University of Montreal in Art History, he is involved in a multitude of art related projects on an international scale.
He is highly interested in new medias and platforms that bridge technology and the art world. Always on the lookout for innovative ideas, he enjoys collaborating with artists, agencies and businesses on building projects that equally benefit all parties.
Alexandre Potvin Art Collision

Positive Workplace

It is the policy of Art Collision to maintain a work environment free from prohibited discrimination, harassment, sexual solicitation and threat of workplace violence and to insist that all employees and prospective employees be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy at all times.


The art world can be incredibly opaque and challenging to navigate, which is precisely why we like to offer our services publicly. Our services will fit with your budget. We aim to keep our pricing low and competitive within the art industry. Rest assured that we will never overcharge you.


We work on a broad range and scale projects with a variety of clients from the art world. Work is fueled by passion and deep engagement with content resulting in strategic and beautiful ways to tell stories and connect with audiences across various media. Established art dealers entrust us with their whole marketing strategies and we’ve never let them down.


In the Fine Art industry, it’s hard to find someone to truly rely on. Gallery Assistants flake out when the project gets too complicated. We ensure you we’ll always be there to hold your hand and answer you within 24 hours on any request or issue you have.


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